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Dispersion Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

How to create Spatter / Scatter / Dispersion Effect using Adobe Photoshop CS6 - Tutorial

dispersion effect photoshop

Open File
Duplicate the Background layer pressing CTRL + J two times.

layer photoshop

Select Layer 1, make Layer 1 copy invisible.

layer photoshop


Select Lasso Tool and make a selection.

lasso tool

Fill the area with the selection pressing Shift + F5 and select Content - Aware.


Press CTRL + D for deselect.
Make Layer 1 copy visible and select it.

layer copy

Select Quick Selection Tool and make a selection of the area you want for dispersion.
quick selection tool

Press CTRL + J to create a layer ( Layer 2 ) with the selection.

ctrl j layer copy

Make Layer 1 copy invisible and make a copy of Layer 2( Layer 2 copy).
Select Layer 2

layer invisible

Go to Filter - Liquify, select a big brush and brush in the direction you want for dispersion.

filter liquify

Create a layer mask for Layer 2 and fill it with black, you can use Paint Bucket Tool
Create a layer mask for Layer 2 copy.

add vector mask

layer mask

Select a brush ( the brush will give the form of your dispersion ) and brush the layer mask for Layer 2 and Layer 2 copy.
For Layer 2 mask, because is filled with black you should have as foreground color white, and for Layer 2 copy mask you should have black as foreground color, you can invert the colors pressing X.

Devil PSD
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