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Text Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

How to add a Text Effect on skin - Photoshop Tutorial


Open file
Duplicate layer twice ( CTRL + J x 2 )

Press CTRL + Shift + U ( Desaturate )

Go to File - Save, and save the file as a PSD file. Name it Displacement.

Delete Layer 1 copy

Go to Text Tool, click and drag where you want to insert the text.

Add your text, you can copy/past it.

Choose a color for your text, adjust the size.

Go to Filter - Distort - Displace

Horizontal Scale 5
Vertical Scale   5
Stretch to Fit
Repeat Edge Pixels
Choose the Displacement file ( Displacement.psd ) This will make the text to take the shape of the skin.

Create a layer mask
Go to Brush Tool and brush over the text you don't want.

Right click on the text layer and select Blending Options.
Go to Gradient Overlay
Blend mode - Color
Choose a gradiend and click ok.

Source File: http://dimiphotos.blogspot.gr/
Video Tutorial

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