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Water Splash Effect using Photoshop CS6

Water Splash Effect using Photoshop CS6 tutorial

water splash

Open File
Duplicate Layer by pressing CTRL+J
Select Pen Tool, and select the area you'll gonna use
Right Click on the path you created and select Make Selection
Create a Layer Mask, select Brush Tool and brush the edge of your selection
Press CTRL + U for Hue/Saturation and reduce the saturation to -100
Press CTRL + B for Color Balance, color levels -100 0 +62 and make sure the midtones are selected
Create a New Layer and select Paint Bucket Tool choose a color and fill the layer you created.
Drag the Layer under the backgrount copy layer

1. Select the water splash picture and make a copy using CTRL + A for select and CTRL + C for copy and past it in your image by pressing CTRL + V
Use CTRL + T for transform resize the image as you like
Select the blend mode to Multiply
Create a Layer Mask, select Brush Tool and brush over the area you want to erase.

Repeat the 1st step till the image looks the way you want.

Images that I've used:


water splash

water splash

water splash

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