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How to Make a Realistic Tattoo - Photoshop Tutorial

 How to Make a Realistic Tattoo - Photoshop Tutorial

tattoo photoshop

Open File

Select Quick Selection Tool and make a selection of the area you'll add the tattoo

quick selection tool photoshop cs6

Save the Selection  - Select - Save Selection

save selection photoshop

Delete the selection CTR + D
Duplicate the layer CTRL + J
Go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur and blur it with 3px

gaussian blur

blur radius

Save the file as a PSD file. File - Save As
Delete the layer
Select the tattoo photo
Use Magic Wand Tool and select the tattoo

magic wand tool photoshop

Tolerance 5,  Anti-alias check, Contiguous uncheck

Click on black area to make the selection
Press CTRL + J to copy the selection into a new layer
Press V for Move Tool and drag the selection into the file you want the tattoo
CTRL + T for Transform Tool and resize/move the tattoo as you want
Go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur and blur it with 1px
Go to Filter - Distort - Displace, click ok and select the PSD file you saved early
This effect will take the shape of your image, it
will make the tattoo look like is on skin

distort photoshop


Press and hold CTRL and click on layer 1, this will make a selection of the tattoo
Select Channels and press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT and click on Alpha 1, this will delete the tattoo if the tattoo is ouside the selection you've made at the beginning


Go back to Layers Tab and and create a layer mask
Change the blend mode to Soft Light

soft light blend mode

Press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E for a composite snapshot, this will create a new layer
Press CTRL + J
Press ALT and drag the layer mask to the new layer you created
Go to Adjusment layer and Select Hue/Saturation, move the sliders to change the color of your tattoo.

Enjoy!! Don't forget to share and subscribe

hue saturation

Devil PSD

Files I used:

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