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Matrix Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

Matrix Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners

matrix text

Go to File - New
Document size that I used is 1280 x 720 pixels, transparent background.
Change the foreground color black and press Alt + Delete to fill the layer with black.
I'll create a new text document in windows and drag a small photo in it to create some random text.
Select and Copy text ( right click - copy )
Go to Type Tool in Photoshop, click on a corner and drag.
Font - Courier New, Regular , 6pt, Crisp, Left Alignment, Green color #4EFF73, Toggle Text Orientation - Vertical. CTRL  + V ( paste text )
Duplicate the Layer CTRL + J
Go to Windows - Character, set the leading 8pt, tracking 10
Duplicate the layer CTRL  + J
Go to Windows - Character, set the leading 10pt, tracking 25
Go to Adjustments - Brightness/Contrast. Set the brightness 50, contrast 100
Rename the layers text 01, text 02, text 03.
Go to text 02 layer and create a layer mask
Go to Filter - Render - Clouds
Go to text 03 layer and create a layer mask
Go to Filter - Render - Clouds
Select the text layers ( CTRL and click on them )
Right click and Duplicate Layers
Merge text layes ( CTRL + E ) and rename the layer 'blur'
Drag the layer on top the Layer 1
Go to Filter - Blur - Motion Blur: Angle 90, Distance 15px.
Go to Brush Tool and select a big brush. Select text 02 layer and brush
Do the same for text 03 layer. ( this will make the text darken in the area you brush it )
Create a new layer
Change the foreground color white and choose a small brush ( I used 10px) the same size as the text.
Use Shift to create the lines. Press Shift, click and drag the line.
Change the blend mode to Overlay
CTRL + J ( Duplicate Layer )
CTRL + T ( Transform Tool ) rotate the highlights to 180

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