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How to Create a Pop Out 3D Effect - Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

How to Create a Pop Out 3D Effect - Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

pop out

Open File
Duplicate Layer twice ( CTRL + J)
Create a new layer and drag it under the top layer.
Click the background layer and fill it with black ( Alt + Delete if your foreground color is black )

Hide layer 1 copy.
With layer 2 active, go to Rectangular Marquee Tool and drag below the top of the subject.
Go to Edit - Stroke - Width - 5
                                      - Color - White
                                      - Location - Inside
Deselect ( CTRL + D )
Go to Edit - Transform - Perspective, drag the bottom corner out and press Enter.
Select layer 2 and press CTRL while you click on it ( this will make a selection of the frame shape ).
Invert the selection ( CTRL + Shift + I )
Press Q to make it into a Quick Mask
Select Paint Bucket Tool and click outside the frame.
Press Q to change the Quick Mask into a selection.
Click on layer 1 to make it active and make a layer mask.
Make visible layer 1 copy and make it active.
Make a selection of your subject.
Go to Select - Refine Edge - Smart Radius
                                                     - Increase Radius
Create a layer mask for layer 1 copy
Select the background layer to make it active.
Select Gradient Tool ( use a gradient black and white ) and drag a vertical line while you press Shift.

Devil PSD
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