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HDR Toning Effect Photoshop Tutorial

HDR Toning Effect Photoshop Tutorial


Go to Image - Adjustments - HDR Toning

Edge Glow:
                      Radius: 130px
                      Strength: 1

Tone and Detail:
                     Gamma: 0.75
                     Exposure: +0.30
                     Detail: +150%

                     Shadow: -100
                     Highlight: -100
                     Vibrance: +22
                     Saturatin: +26

Toning Curve and Histogram:
                    Input: 50
                   Output: 48

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  1. I tried both ways like in tutorial, actually tutorial is cool, and using smart object. :) There are some progs for HDR I can share - http://aurorahdr.com and HDR Effex pro