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How to Create an Animation using Adobe Photoshop - Tutorial

How to Create an Animation using Adobe Photoshop - Tutorial

 Open File

Go to Quick Selection Tool and select the ball or press
and hold Ctrl and click on the layer with the ball.

After selecting the ball press and hold Ctrl+C for copy
and press and hold Ctrl+V to paste the ball in the field

Ctrl+T for Transform and hold Shift while you minimize
the ball.

Duplicate the frame from the Timeline.
Select the first frame and move the ball outside the
field and select frame 2 and move the ball somewhere in
the field.

Select the frames ( Ctrl+click), click Tweens animation
frames and add 10 frames.

Select the last frame and click on Duplicate Selected

Select the frame you just created and move the ball
outside the field.

Select the last two frames ( Ctrl+click ) and Tweens
animation frames, Frames to Add: 10

Click Play!!

Thank you for watching!! 

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