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Double Exposure Photoshop

Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial

double exposure


Open files

Create a new layer

Go to the image that you want for the background and select Rectangular Marquee Tool, click and drag the entire image.
Ctrl + C for copy
Ctrl + V to paste the image in the layer you created earlier.

Make unvisible Layer 1 and select Background layer.

Go to Quick Selection Tool or Pen Tool and select the part of the image that you want.
I will use Pen Tool, if you do the same after selection right click and select Make Selection.

Select Layer 1, be sure the selection is made.

click on Add Layer Mask.

Chage the blending mode to soft light.

If you want to move the Layer 1 image you must unlink it by selecting the chain icon.

Select the image ( not the mask ) and go to Move Tool and move the image.

If you want to brighten the Layer 1 image and background go to Levels and do the adjustment that you like.

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