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Digital Painting using Photoshop

How to Create Digital Painting using Adobe Photoshop

digital painting using photoshop beautiful girl

Photoshop Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial:

CTRL + J ( Duplicate layer )
Go to Filter - Camera Raw Filter
                Hightlights -100
                Shadow      +90

Go to Filter - Noise - Reduce Noise
               Strenght 10
               All others 0

Ctrl + J ( Duplicate layer )

Go to Filter - Reduce Noise

Go to Filter - Other - High Pass
                Radius 1.1 pixels

Change the blend mode to  Overlay


Go to Filter - Filter galery - Artistic - Film Grain
                 Grain 0
                 Hightlight Area 0
                 Intensity 6

Image - Adjustments - Channel Mixer
red 81
green 9
blue 49

Select layers and merge layers
Go to Smudge Tool

Create a layer mask
Go to Brush Tool

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