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How to make an Old paper Photo in Photoshop

How to make an Old paper Photo in Photoshop

old photo dimitra rougala

Learn Photoshop!

Open files

Drag the old_paper.png to your photo.

My old_paper.png is black and white, if you have a different one you have to desaturate it.
You can desaturate it by going to Image - Adjustments - Desaturate ( SHIFT + CTRL + U )

CTRL + T to transform your old_paper.png, click and drag of a corner to adjust the size you like.

Select old_paper.png ( CTRL + Click on layer ) and go to Select - Save Selection

Hide Layer 1 ( old_paper.png ) and select the Background layer

Add a mask to Background layer

Select Layer 1 and make it visible and change the blend mode to Multiply or Linear Burn

Go to Image - Adjustments - HDR Toning

Strenght: 3

Exposure +14
Details +70
Hightlights + 30
Saturation +20

Go to Select - Load Selection and load the selection you saved earlier and add a layer mask

Go to Adjustments - Hue/Saturation

Select Colorize
Hue +51
Saturation +19
Lightness -20

Reduce the Opacity to 80%

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