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How to Write on a rainy, foggy window Photoshop Tutorial

How to Write on a Rainy, Foggy Window
Rain Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

miss you

YouTube Video Tutorial

Open Files
Go to Move Tool
Click and drag window water img to your photo
CTRL + T for Transform
Press and Hold Shift while resizing.
Click right on Layer 1 and Convert to Smart Object.
Go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur: 20px

Change the blend mode to Overlay

Go to Horizontal Type Tool

I have used a font " Aldine " downloaded from dafont.com
Type your text
CTRL + T for Transform and click from a corner and rotate it
Go to Filter - Liquify
Click " Rasterize "
Select a size for your brush that fits for your text
Click and drag from the bottom of your letters

Change the blend mode to Overlay
CTRL + J ( Duplicate layer )
Add a layer mask
Foreground color black
Go to Brush Tool and change the Opacity near 50% and brush over your text


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