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How to put Image into Text - Photoshop Tutorial

How to put Image into Text - Photoshop Tutorial

image in text

Create new document
Width 1920
Height 1080

Go to Horizontal Type Tool and write your text

Right click on the Text layer and choose Rasterize Type

Press and hold Shift and click and drag from a corner to resize the text

Open the image you want to insert into the text

Use Move Tool to click and drag the image

Right click on the image layer ( Layer 1 )

Choose Create Clipping Mask

Click and drag the image to fit the way you want into the text

Select text layer and go to Brush Tool

Double click on the Background layer to unlock it.

Right click on the background layer ( Layer 0 ) and choose Blending Options

Select Gradient Overlay and apply a gradient that is good for your image

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